This was a landscaping project I was site foreman on. This was during the Covid lockdown so we could only have two people on site so most of the work was done by me including the carpentry. Was a tough one because everything in the design was at 45 degrees to the house. Looked awesome though.

These are some shots of a job I did in Horstead keynes. I built a oak walk way over the tree roots to carry on the path down to the gym. I also did the oak decking outside the gym. It was my first time using oak decking and it was tough. Having to get the boards all straight with no gaps was difficult, especially when they have bowed so much.

This is the current project I'm working on so will keep updating. First bit to build was the oak platform. Yes that is a massive piece of oak as the support. Was tough getting that into place with out any machines. After that we got the frame together and then decked it with oak boards. Next wee built a composite frame next to the lake and then a walkway round and across it. IM currently decking that with oak now. Next there's a bigger to build, another walkway and then another huge deck over another lake we built there and a floating pontoon.