Dubai Set Life

Behind the scenes shot of a drone shot for Dubai Expo 2020 commericial.

Another behind the scenes shot on the Dubai Expo 2020 comerical but from behind B camera, the camera I was looking after as 2nd AC, an Alexa XT.

Shot from my first ever shoot in Dubai. It was a commerical. They only made 80 of these cars so it was awesome to see them abusing it for the awesome shots they were getting.

This shot is from a pepsi commerical we shot in the desert. It was an awesome shoot as thery broke a world record for the most by having 150 4x4 in a peace sign we 3 huge circles of the 4x4s all moving at the same time. The ISS Space stsation was fying over at a certain time to record it but just as it was a sand storm hit. They had to shoot it from the air with drones after the storm had passed.

Beauty Shots